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Tahoma car, help needed


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Well i got a lot of new mod´s for car´s etc.

one is the: YakuzaStinger

what changes the car: Tahoma.

Tahoma is a 4 person car..

and yakuzastinger a 2..

now i am in a level where i have to shoot 4 people who come out of the car tahoma..

but there are now only 2 getting out of the yakuza.. and the other 2 are still in it..

but you cannot see them.. blowing up the car doesn't kill em and they can shoot me..

And i was so dumb to not save the original file..

So basicly my question is:

Who can give me the original file of the car: tahoma..

i would really apreciate it!


(from the Netherlands)

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So, all it needs it some basic common sense. Just download another Four door car mod from here. Something like This? and when done downloading, Rename the files in this mod to tahoma.dff & txd Respectively and replace them in your gta3.img okayy? Hope it helped. >__>;

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