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i need a mod


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if u go on you tube there's tons of graphic mods for gta sa,gta 4 but almost none for vice city so if someone could make a graphic mod and more changes like real cars better guns and newer skins that would be great

go to you tube type in gta sa highly modified 09 and gta sa enb series from twosteps and another one from darecki234 and lastly some by dondenildelshultz to see what can of graphics i'm looking for

go to you tube type in gta sa weapon mod by 1serbaco1 and murder887 and add a m4 customized with a laser and a scope to vc

and change the controls so when yor on foot it's like saints row 2 and when your in the car it's like midnight club la

for the skin mod if possible make it like saints row so you can customize the character

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