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My GTA Texture mods..


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Even tho the game is near (LOL) 10 years old, I modded the garage CJ won in in the race against Cats new boyfriend..

The Garage Doors are made of glass, I was trying to get the doors to become see thur but it does not seem to work for the garage doors.. They are partly from the Zombie Bio research lab, I cut and stacked the upper panes of glass and tried to make it an alpha TXD workship but I am guessing because they are doors this will not work.

I also modded CJ's moms house the outside and the kitchen, but I am still working on getting the textures together.

Enough of the BS, bla bla, I wanted to know what some of you think? No big deal (and not really a "mod") but I was thinking of uploading these .txd files, but I wanted to see the overall opinion before even considering this..

And as CJ says, "be gentle I might cry" :bleh:







One other note the side garage door, was suppose to be an all white door, but for whatever reason it to is glass..

Iam also not totally done with this, I want to add a name to the building but I have yet to make a neon style sign, and I am still trying to think of some corny name like some of the shops and stores thur out San Andreas.

Thanx all... And if some one can come up with a name, I will credit there screen name, on the smaller windows of the building, and in the README text...

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