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Instrumental Hip Hop

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I don't know if every video I'm going to put here is pure hip hop, but I know a few good songs that may run down your guys' alleys. Now if only I remembered how to put YouTube videos on here....

EDIT: Figured it out. Was almost as easy as riding a bike. Anyway.


GB - Phil Jackson // that's not the whole song, but it's a good teaser.

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation // AS bumps helped this song and Flying Lotus in general get even bigger

Flying Lotus - Fall In Love // A tribute/remake of a J Dilla song after he passed away. I've come close to tears listening to this song.


Prefuse 73 - Vikings Invade the Mediterranean But don't leave // this is what i meant when I said everything won't be purely hip hop but this song is cash and obviously has hip hop related influences.

Jazz Liberatorz - A Paris // such an ill track.


Blu - Amnesia // I would of posted the video with lyrics but since this thread wants instrumentals here you go. PLEASE go check out the one with lyrics too. You won't regret it.


Blu - Mrblu2u // pretty chill

I'll put up more as the thread continues. Enjoy the music.

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