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Vice city mods wont go away!

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hey guys.

i've gta vice city for a while now, and ive modded a few of the cars to appear as subarus and the like in the game.

but now ive decided i wanna just play the game with the original cars, but my backups have dissapeared, and reinstalling doesnt get rid of them.

can anyone offer any advice?!?!

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if reinstalling doesnt get rid of them, you're doing it wrong ;)

go to

c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto vice city

(or whereever you installed that)

DELETE that entire folder. and then empty the recycle bin.

now reset your computer.

now get your CD out and install the game again, but this time instead of the default folder name like i wrote above, just call it GTA Vice City (as opposed to grand theft auto).

this will put it in another folder, so will definitely not have anything left over from the original installation. if you've done all that, and its still the same either

a) your install media (legal or not) is f**ked

B) you didnt follow the steps right.

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