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Game crashes after title screen.

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Hello everyone, i have tried searching for about 30 minutes, and have no luck in finding the solution to my problem. So, i installed GTA:SA onto my laptop and it played pretty well! then i wanted to use SAMI and so i installed that, and then played it on my Laptop, and as soon as the title screen comes on, it crashes. Now, i uninstalled my SAMI and then played the game, and then it decides it wants to keep crashing directly AFTER the title screen... i am stumped. So, i went onto my desktop and installed GTA:SA on it, and then, thinking it would be fine, it decides to crash after the title screen as well!

My computers are more than enough capable of running the game... so, i am confused. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and i still get the same problem. :/ i deleted the program files and everything, and still the same problem.... grr!

can anyone help me?

Thank you!


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