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Grand Theft Auto SA installing problem?

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Okay so i bought a new disc for Grand theft auto San Andreas and i listened to all the instructions to install the game, and when it installs it just stops in the middle of the installing bar.I don't know what to do, i mean the only thing i know is that my computer is really old and it used to be a fast computer.Now my computer is all slow now and i don't know it wants to install?I can't play Grand theft auto San Andreas because the damn computer is slow and it won't let me install it!?I don't know what to do i mean im not good at computers so maybe i should let my dad fix it?I don't know!Please help me what to do.

If i posted this on the wrong section, sorry im new here.

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Well I think this was supposed to be in the 'Gameplay & Help' section.

Anywho, I don't think the computer is responsible for the installation issue.I got an old computer too, but still runs GTA well enough.

Either it works but you don't have temper to wait, either something else.I never encountered this problem, so I can't help you pretty much.

Just in case everything fails, you can take the whole folder, plus the User Files, from someone else.Though, sounds a bit illegal. ;)

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