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Problem on Mac - Difficulty Reaching 100% w/ Stunt Jumps


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I recently downloaded GTA Vice City on my mac book through Cider. I have played the game and experienced no problems until I reached stunt jump #31 of 36.

Now, I know where 3 of the Jumps are and I have been waiting to complete those in the "G-Spotlight" mission. Which leaves 2 other Unique Stunt Jumps that need to be completed.

The problem is I have gone over all the stunt jumps numerous times and I cannot figure which two I am missing. But Now for some reason every time i go over any of the stunt jumps the slow motion scene does not end until I exit into the main menu three times.

I am asking if anyone knows about this?

If anyone knows how to fix this problem?


Does anyone know how to install mods or game saves on the mac for GTA: Vice City?

I am trying to get the 3 Bodyguards that are awarded to you with the 100% completion.


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