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EFLC performance on HD 4850

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Hey guyz

Please help me with me GTA eflc..

My riggs

Intel core 2 quad q8400 2.66

3GB ram

HD 4850 512 mb VGA

And calalyst 10.8

But EFLC runs very slow in my pc.I have already patched it to

I saw in many sites that the game did not support ati cards well..

GTA iv worked well for me even when i had a core 2 duo


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I have that card, albeit a 1GB version. I have 4GB RAM though and a slightly faster processor, it seems to run fine for me though, on roughly medium settings for everything. Slowdowns occur when I blow tons of shit up but it's fairly smooth apart from that.

You already have the latest drivers so all I can suggest is to turn the graphics down. What settings are you using at the moment? And what average fps do you get if you benchmark it (in game)?

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