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[Mod] Fast unsinking Liberty cars

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Hello everybody!

If you love rolling fast you will love this mod I created. With it all the cars have the highest top-speed and the best acceleration and braking and what's more they can't sink. If you send them to water you'll go back on the road after a few seconds and receive dolalrs for you perfect stunt. To install just replace your old handling.cfg with the new one and don't worry I also put a read-me in the folder.

You can download it here ---> http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=13194

I also hosted it on this site some months ago but it's got to think it will only be available when hens will have teeth :rolleyes: (it's a french expression 31.gif).

Please rate it and leave comments. :)

Thanks by advance!

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