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  1. Evil-Empire

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    The graphics suck even the game is 10 years old. Max Payne is much nicer and as if it wasn't enough the animations are very jerky.
  2. Hello everybody! This tutorial is a creation of myself to let the PC players make the taxi much funnier than in the default game. If your game is in version 1.00 you won't have any problem to do the first step, if you use the version 2.00 download this patch http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/GTA_SA_Downgrader_Patch;74661 and if you use version 3.00 or Steam I don't thing you can modify the handling. If you think cars get harmed too fastly, don't go fast enough or if you hate countdowns don't worry you can change it all. First of all I don't think you'll disagree with me if I say driving a sports car is much funnier than driving any other car in general and a stupid f*cking taxi in particular so why not to turn these lame taxis into your favorite sports car? Go to the data folder and open handling.cfg, search for the "taxi" and "cabbie" lines (if you want to find it fast type on ctrl + f and a searching box appears). Once you've found them delete their data and now search for your favorite car's data, copy the whole line and paste it in the taxi and cabbie lines. You think it's not enough? OK, except if I'm wrong the highest values for speed, acceleration and braking are 245.0 ; 60.0 and 19.0 and you can believe me with characteristics like these ones you don't need any more NOS, run 100 meters and you can feel your car is ready to roll like a hotring racer! However it's not yet time to run the game, the pizza trainer will show quite useful: download it here http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f517-pizzadoxs-plus-27-trainer Once it's done, run the pizzadox trainer and only this one and run the game. Now it's time to ste............hum borrow a taxi or a cab, press 7 and all the cars are invincible, press 9 and the countdown is disabled. Now pause the game, press alt+tab so you come back to the desktop and right click on the trainer to close it (the game would freeze if you buy a new house, make a firm give you a revenue or if you find the last horseshoe etc and he codes remain active). If a client asks for a far-away destination, roll fast, stop pushing the up arrow and type GHOSTTOWN so the streets are nearly empty. I'm waiting for your comments!
  3. When does the game freeze?
  4. Evil-Empire

    Your Favorite Gta Sa Mission

    End of the line.
  5. Evil-Empire

    Which Gang is the coolest

    The attack against the loco syndicate on the pier 69 was a very good moment.
  6. Evil-Empire


    The .asi file is normally located in your game's main folder.
  7. Evil-Empire

    [Mod] Vicious speed unsinkable cars

    I just created a new version giving nearly all the vehicules the same characteristics than the sports cars.
  8. Evil-Empire

    Post you're Cars!

    Here's my gothic Remington http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/2815951146723_gothic_remington_1.jpg http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/3122073001476_gothic_remington_2.jpg
  9. Evil-Empire

    Which Gang is the coolest

    The San Fierro Rifa gang looks like a joke. They seem to come out from a Charlie Chaplin's comedy, they're so funny and they run away envery time I attack one of them with the spraycan.
  10. Evil-Empire

    Help on Supply Lines mission...

    If some of you have the same problem here is the solution so you'll never run out of fuel http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f1000-gtasa-crazy-trainer-113
  11. Evil-Empire

    which is your favourite road vehicle in gta sa

    The lowrider savanna is also very class.
  12. Evil-Empire

    Favorite Vechile

    The stinger is cool.
  13. Evil-Empire

    Favorite Character?

    Why did you write gtfo? Forgive me if I give a bit of life to these forums and prefer answering on a topic than creating a useless doubloon. Or maybe do you think you can judge me on my nationality? Thanks for the information however.
  14. Evil-Empire

    [Mod] Spring weather

    Hello everybody! If you don't love the default weather in the game maybe will you like this mod. During the day the sky is full of light but when the night comes it takes darker and more frightening colors. To install just replace your old timecyc.dat with the one in the mod's folder. You can download it here ---> http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=13196 I included some screenshots in the download page and a read-me in the folder. I also hosted the mod on this site some months ago but it's got to think it will be available when hens will have teeth (it's a french expression ). Please rate and comment it.
  15. Evil-Empire

    How to remove the clouds?

    Hello everybody! As my favorite weather is the one without any cloud I would love to remove them but I don't know how to do. Can anyone do it for me or tell me the way to do?