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Murder and Mayhem in GTA 1

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Hello all! :) Didn't see an introduction forum. So I'll use this as that.

I love boosting a usable vehicle and going amok. Running people over with my car or shooting up the area with hot lead

from a weapon. I prefer the machine gun as it sprays alot of ammo and is common.

Recently I started making a list of things I'd done that were so in the spirit of GTA that I felt they should be written down.

It's the usual kill anything in sight until I'm Busted or Wasted list.

- Stole an Ambulance then a Jugernaught and ramed into the amubulance to blow it up.

But instead ended up squishing someone with the Ambulance.

- Rammed two cop cars together and killed both cops.

- Boosted a Hotrod and took it to a crane. Then boosted another Hotrod but realized

it was the same time as the one I'd just sold. So I decided to go on a rampage. Hit people until the cops came after me.

Killed one and took his car. Then killed other cops and shot up their cars with

machine guns until they exploded. Cop shot at my car.

Blew me up but caught himself on fire also.

So that having been said anyone want some flame coked pig for dinner? ;)

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