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  1. I was thinking something like add on packs. Similar to Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  2. For one thing I liked the gang banger theme of SA and since Los Santos is based off of LA which is the unofficial gang capital of the U.S. then it's a fitting setting. The GTA games' main themes are crime and violence so why not have a player or NPC that does that pretty much all the time. Besides it wouldn't be a remake, more of a sequel. Ever heard of those?
  3. I'd like to see an update of characters, locations etc. from GTA: SA. Since this game take place in an updated version of Los Santos then it make sense and would be easy enough to do. Maybe have an expansion set called Grove Street Stories or something. I can't find any mention of one so it's probably not in the works, at least not yet anyway.
  4. All games: Drivers and Pedestrians should get AllState, so they can be better protected from Mayhem...like me.
  5. I meant it for all the GTA games, not just the classic era. If it needs to can a mod please relocate it? Here's some from newer games. San Andreas: * Pedestrians make amusing hood orniments * Gangsta music does not encourage violence...I was doing that part already, the music just happened to be on.
  6. GTA 1 * When being shot at, hitting them with a car is not a valid "self defense" excuse. * Everyone else drives like they're senior citizens. * Drivers don't catch on if lots of cars are stolen near a dock.
  7. I downloaded GTA 1 & 2 last night on my PC. Now I'm reliving the old days of using a keyboard like I did back in High School. The other great thing about this version is that I won't get most of the way through the game and my old PS1 memory card won't erase my progress.
  8. Hoes are good for a thing or two. But they'll never win any swimming contests.
  9. "Honk means move the hell on man!" - Random driver
  10. Just regular Pimping Missions. The first is obviously at the church. The other one is standing on a sidewalk near a street corner. I'm not sure but it could be across from the Cemetary.
  11. During pimping missions I've dropped off more than one hoe at the church. Even found a priest somewhere else.
  12. Investigating what I thought was one of those red spots that activates stuff and somehow a shootout occurs between the Ballas and another gang. I watched waiting for the winning, then just started attacking the Ballas. My car caught fire so I jumped over the side of a wall and down into the highway. Then a fire truck (I'm guessing because of my car) is driving along and wipes out, catches fire and causes a chain reaction taking two other vehicles with it. Fun to watch and got some cash out of it. Do understand that it's just a game and that I wouldn't consider this funny in real life?
  13. The things we do in game. Playing the character of a street gang member. What we can't do in real life without legal trouble. We can have fun commiting crimes and then telling about them. If you'd read the original post this should already be obvious.
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