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Favorite Vehicles to do Criminal Activity In


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  1. 1. What's Your Favorite Vehicle

    • Squad Car
    • Ambulance
    • Bike/Superbike
    • Misc Convertable (Because they look Cool)
    • Small Truck (The Country Song)
    • Juggernaught
    • Bus
    • Tanker Truck
    • Misc Vehicle (Please Specify)

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What's everyone's favorite Vehicle to do their crimes in. Mostly this is about running people over. But also about jobs that don't require a specific vehicle.

Mine depend on my mood. If my targets are people then the Squad Car. Something about turning a law enforcement car on the public is great. Thumb.gif

NOT serving and NOT protecting. dracula.gif If it's vehicles I'm after then it's the Tanker. Sturdy and can take alot of damage.

Especially on the Censored1.gif road blocks the Censored1.gif pigs set up.

So what are anyone else's? :?:

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