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Greetings GTA Place Peoples. I seem to be on a mission to make a female player character for Vice City; perhaps the first, I am not sure. Why? I don't know, why not? Chicks can be criminals too.:P Besides, they are more pleasing to the eyes. Well, to mine at least.

Anyway, I have edited and converted bucket-loads of sexy female models for Vice City and recently have begun editing the in-game player animations to be more feminine in appearance. Now for (hopefully) the last major overhaul to get done: swapping female audio files with the default in-game Tommy Vercetti files.

Swapping them is not the problem, I can get that done easily enough when I take the time to do it. What I would like help with is deciding which female character would be the best to choose from, from Vice City or San Andreas. Preferably a character that works well with any race of the younger default Vice City female characters. Like an old lady from Red County probably would not fit very well with a young babe in a bikini. Choose the one that you think would work the best or be the most practical, not necessarily your favorite, and why. Try to consider all of the aspects of the in-game audio: like getting hurt, fighting, talking smack, getting busted, driving, etc. Keep in mind that the cut-scene and mission specific dialogue will not be affected, just the in-game audio.

It would really help me out if Vice City gamers could give me some feedback/input about this because I just can't seem to decide who to choose from. Plus it is a lot of work to swap audio files so that they make sense in the game and I do not wish to start over and over because I chose one that just would not work.

Much thanks,

Masked Marauder

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