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    How can i sent skins here?

    Sign up. Go to "Downloads" Follow the instructions.
  2. Masked Marauder

    SAW II

    S.A.W. II - San Andreas Women Conversion. After a bit of a hiatus from modding, I am finally getting back to the second version of SAW. This mod converts the hotter females from San Andreas to Vice City. Even though the meshes from SA are kind of a mess I prefer the textures over VC any day. I have always had the impression that most of the VC females have kind of a cartoon clown look to them and the ones from SA are much more realistic. Some of these models were included in my mod S.A.W. 1.33 Manual Addon, but they are being redone as well. This conversion is lot of work, an awful lot of work. Rather than keep at it nonstop like I usually do until I get sick of working at it, I am now attempting to pace the progress a little slower. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for me to pick up where I left off the last time and salvage any nearly completed models so I have started over from scratch. All female characters will have a completely reworked mesh with higher definition and less "mess". They will also have much better curves... in all of the right places. You can not really appreciate how non-sexy the default models are until you have opened them up in a 3D editor. The conversion process involves re-rigging, adjusting and rotating some of the bones, removing duplicate vertexes, some texture editing, subdividing and smoothing the faces, reshaping the meshes, reassigning vertex groups, centering, positioning, testing, and whatever else comes to mind. So I started this topic to show what I have finished or nearly finished so far and to get feedback, input, suggestions, etc from anyone who wished to bother. Many thanks to those of you who do. Just to be clear, the game default models are on the left in the screen shots. The reworked ones are on the right. Masked Marauder
  3. Masked Marauder

    Mystery Weapon

    I opened the assassin models from the beginning cinematic in an editor and noticed that two of the three looked a lot like Tommy and that at least one of the weapons that they used was different from the standard ones. After making a player mod with the assassin that resembles Tommy the most, I thought that it would be kind of neat to make another mod that inserts the weapon into the game somewhere as well. It kind of looks like an mp5 but it is quite a bit smaller. It looks vaguely familiar though, and I can't help but think that I have seen this weapon SOMEWHERE before. That little hand grip towards the business end of it stands out the most. Does anyone have any insight about this currently unidentified smg? Was it used in another game, is there a name for it? It does not keep me awake at night wondering, but it would be kind of nice to know what it is, even if it is really just nothing at all.
  4. Perhaps there are numerous ways to access all of Vice City from the start of the game by now; some with cheats, trainers, scripts, mods, glitches, etc. I have known of a way to the west side for several years now that is completely legitimate, just by traveling. Don't even need to get wasted or busted. It's a little tricky at first, but now I can do it every time. The details are kind of involved, so I won't bother typing it all up until I know if Vice City gamers are still interested in knowing. I have posted a screen (I think) from the west side of Starfish Island looking east at the locked gate. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Masked Marauder

    VC Lara Croft Box Player Skin?

    Here is what it says in the mod description/installation instructions: "The models each use multiple texture files so in order to use either of them as a player model the file names would have to be changed to those of a player clothing pickup." Here is an appropriate time to turn the caps lock on so that people who do not read directions may hopefully pay a bit more attention. YOU CAN NOT SET THE MOD FILES TO USE THE DEFAULT PLAYER MODEL! WHICH MEANS THAT YOU CAN NOT USE PLAYER.DFF OR PLAYER.TXD. WHY? BECAUSE THE DEFAULT PLAYER MODEL USES A SINGLE SKIN AND IS SET UP TO USE ONLY 1 FROM THE SKIN SELECTION OPTION. Because the Lara Croft models use multiple textures... YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE 1 OF THE CLOTHING PICKUPS. Like play10.dff and play10.txd. Okay? Understand now? Is it clear enough for you or should I use even bigger letters? If you still can't figure it out then you probably shouldn't be trying to install mods in the first place.
  6. Masked Marauder

    What O.S are you currently using now?

    I do not see the need for you to refer to me as "cheap" or a "bastard" just because I can not afford right now what you apparently can.
  7. Masked Marauder

    What O.S are you currently using now?

    XP SP3. Cause Vista blows and I forgot about my free 7 Upgrade.
  8. Masked Marauder

    Three car mod questions

    If the Feltzer only exists as a convertible, you would have to edit the model/mesh with a 3D editor and add a top yourself. A possible shortcut may be to chop the top off of one vehicle that is similar to a Feltzer and add it to the model with a little shuckin' and jivin', but that's kind of a long shot.
  9. Masked Marauder

    Three car mod questions

    Problem #1: Add a top to the Feltzer model? Problem #2: Traction/braking values? Problem #3: Center of gravity values? (X,Y,Z axis)
  10. Masked Marauder

    What blood type are you?

    The green kind.
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    [Help] Audio problem

    He said: " ".
  12. Masked Marauder

    Visual glitches?

    Have you tried setting your game video settings back to the defaults? For example: usually something like turning the frame limiter off can cause problems, no matter how close to top-of-the-line your system is.
  13. Masked Marauder

    Visual glitches?

    I'm thinking that it is a hardware (graphics card) or software (video driver/operating system) problem. Posting your system specs may get you more help from those with more insight about a problem such as this. EDIT: I have no experience with downloaded copies of games, i.e. Steam, but from what I have observed during my time at TGTAP they are susceptible to problems such as this as opposed to purchasing the game on disk. Good luck.
  14. Masked Marauder

    Need Help!

    The fact that you said that you downloaded your copy of San Andreas has red flags all over it. I would start by purchasing the CD, it can't cost very much these days.
  15. Masked Marauder

    Making car mods.

    Thanks to Mr. Know-It-All for spouting off about MS Paint, again (*yawn*). Believe it or not, just like I said the last time, MS Paint works just fine for editing the 128x256 32 bit images for III, Vice City, and San Andreas; if you know how to use it. Your hang up about "white borders around everything" is proof enough that you do not know how to use it based on the fact that I have never had that problem nor have I ever even heard of it. Plus it doesn't take forever to initialize and is also free. Here's something else that you may not believe: Not too many people give a damn what you think.
  16. Masked Marauder

    Making car mods.

    You would probably have to do some texture mapping because 2 dimensional text rarely renders correctly on a 3 dimensional object, if ever. Plus the fact that the UV co-ordinates for most models have one side stacked on top of the other side so that the image size and dimensions for the texture can be cut in half. Meaning that unless your text reads the same forwards and backwards you may have to map it to a separate partial image. Blender is a very powerful model editor and texture UV mapper, but it is not the most user friendly for beginners.
  17. Masked Marauder

    Making car mods.

    You can add text to the vehicle skin with MS Paint. Then you can place your edited skin in the vehicle TXD file with TXD Workshop. Chances are though that you will have to do some texture mapping with a model editor to make it turn out right, so I recommend Blender 2.49b. Blender requires Python programing script to use import/export scripts and MS Visual C++ for rendering in a 3D environment. You will also need the Blender DFF import/export script written by Stephen Orning a.k.a. "Hollower" (only for GTA III and Vice City). For GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas you could use 3ds Max and Kam's DFF import/export scripts. There are probably others that I don't know about so search around. Choose carefully for your operating system and system specs.
  18. Masked Marauder

    After applying mods, vehicles are mainly white

    USUALLY something is misspelled and the game can not locate it. Like the bitmap image in the TXD or the name of the TXD itself. If nothing else, open the DFF with your model editor and check what the name is of the image is that it is looking for and if the image name matches up with what is in the TXD.
  19. Masked Marauder

    SAW II

    @NRGuy: Wow! Thanks! Truth be told I have working at it off and on, but not very consistently. As soon as I have finished up the ones that I have on the worktable I will upload them as SAW II part 1; or something like that. Perhaps about a month. Please be patient. They are a ton, maybe closer to a couple of tons, of work but they are moving along nicely.
  20. Masked Marauder

    How can I avoid triggering Checkpoint Charlie?

    Probably not because they are the only ones in the game if I remember right. Maybe one is placed at the mansion after the missions are completed, I'm not positive. Anyway, I edited the main.scm and added a boat at the pier by Casa Swanko. Try that if you know how to.
  21. Masked Marauder


    Possible reasons why textures do not work in GTA games: - TXD was saved incorrectly for the wrong game. Textures are compressed for Vice City, 24BPP; uncompressed 32bit for San Andreas; uncompressed 8BPP for III. (In MOST cases, not all.) - Textures are the wrong dimensions or proportions. For example: in game characters for VC and SA have to have a width of 128px and a height of 256px or a similar proportion (such as 256 x 512 perhaps). Cut scene characters usually have a dimension of 256px X 256px. Vehicles may have similar requirements. - Textures are named incorrectly in the TXD file. The model (name.DFF) will look for a texture with a specific name. If it is not spelled correctly in the TXD the game can not load it. These are usually good places to start troubleshooting.
  22. Masked Marauder

    help installing mod

    I do not know if it is a typo made by the mod author or by the member who initiated this topic, but in order to prevent the next dilemma the mod files should be "Stripa.dff" and "Stripa.txd".
  23. First, there is a lot of help in the "GTA SA Modifications" sub-forum including the topic thread "SA Modding Guide". Try looking for your answers there; chances are fairly good that someone else at some point has had the same problem. Second, signing up for TGTAP and yelling "Heeeeeelp the mods don't work!" is not going to get you very far. For other members to be able to help you, you need to be a bit more specific like: - What mod are you trying to install? - What is the mod supposed to do? - What San Andreas files does the mod have to be installed to or which ones are edited? - Is your copy of San Andreas purchased or pirated? (TGTAP does not sanction pirated software). - What installation steps have you tried thus far? Among other things.
  24. Masked Marauder

    i wanna change smthing

    Or purchase a pc joystick controller perhaps. $20-$40.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    My girlfriend whining.