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San Andreas Stories - PSP Game Case?!

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No. That's one of the fansite webmasters care packages from Rockstar. The stickers and compliments slip are real but the case artwork is a decent fake someone made a couple of years ago which he's printed out.

At about 40 seconds into the video you can see the UMD is actually Liberty City Stories.

EDIT: According to his YouTube profile he's from Sweden - only Swedish GTA site I know of is gtasajten.com so it's probably one of the admins from there. Sorry to be the party pooper for whoever's joke it was but the LCS disk was a big give-away anyway. Should have done it for April Fools though :P

EDIT 2: You're from Sweden and this is your first post. LOL. Well that was a massive waste of time writing this post. Oh well...

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