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Vice City Multiplayer - will there be other people ?

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I'm going to setup Vice City multiplayer on a LAN network with 3 computers (2 client and 1 server). So, when we play in multiplayer mode, will there be in-game pedestrians ? I mean, when we play in single player mode, there will be several people walking, talking, riding cars, etc.. So, when in multiplayer mode, will they be too in the game along with the human players ?

Since I'm gonna setup the multiplayer in a LAN, and a maximum of three players will be playing (as humans), it would be boring for the players to wander around such a huge map. So, I was thinking about playing together to kill people, complete missions, creating gangs with computer AI, etc...

Is it possible ?

I have downloaded the client and server apps from vicecitymultiplayer dot com.

Any ideas ?

Thanks :)

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So you're asking whether VCMP has pedestrians, rather than just being the human players alone?

It's been so long since I've played VCMP or SAMP that I can't remember.

This quote from Grand Theft Wiki about SAMP is the best I could find:

"Their idea was that you would be able to play much like single player - with pedestrians, cops chasing you, and following the ever changing storyline - but with 5 of your friends doing it with you"

Simplest thing for you to do would be to look at videos on youtube, to see whether there are any pedestrians in the background.

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