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Have problem getting Helena?

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Hi many people have problems gettin Helena as a girlfriend so here is the guide:

What you need is

Less then 25% muscle

more than 75% sex appeal

draining muscle do the taxi mission until cj is hungry contineu and you will loose very much muscle keep it going until you are nearly out of muscle but DO NOT SAVE B4 GETTING LESS THEN 25% . then go save.

Sex appeal over 75%

go to that DS shop in rodeo and buy tuxedo jacket,pants,hat dollar necklace, gold watch , black shoes and tuxedo shade.

Then go save at that house in santa maria beach and store a tahoma there.

(That should give you a full sex appeal if you are in the tahoma)

Get to her in blue berry and go to her and press 'Y' until she doesnt say anything then go save.After that you can pick her up near Los Santos (Near Santa Maria)

Make sure you have the clothes i have posted out or if you want to take the risk choose ANYTHING and get yourself a slow car that gives you high sex appeal so she dates you.

NOTE:Helena will refuse dating with you when you pick her up if you do not have more than 75% Sex Appeal


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Or you dont need to lose your muscles just you have to collect 50 oysters by collecting all 50 oysters you receive

1. You get max sex appeal and max lung capacity.

2. Every girlfriend agrees to have relationship with you.

3. They invite you to their home for coffee from the very first date.

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