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  1. just in time they bring joy to the hearts of PC and next gen console users.
  2. Which vehicle's handling do you want?
  3. Follow these instructions! 1. Fly the dodo to max height and look at your radar 2. Wait for the jet to appear at a small distance below your dodo and then make a sharp right turn. 3. Look at the radar and adjust your speed and angle with according to the jet. 4. Once done, make a nosedive to the marker behind the jet & you should be done. N.B- you should have patience to complete this mission. Or you can simply use a save game file uploaded by someone else but my advice would be to complete the mission yourself just for fun.
  4. "Sabre turbo" never really did impressed me in vice city. What I really am waiting for is the new generation "Phoenix" and "sultan"
  5. 2nd December 2008 after they released it for ps3 and Xbox in April. They were trying to release on all of the platform at the sane time but they faced some bugs in the pc port. Like I said it's R*, They are highly unpredictable but the chances of V arriving on pc next year is close to 80%.
  6. R* said that they only can consider on making a PC version. Visit their website http://rockstargames.com/V Hard to say but we can only predict that any pc that can play IV without much of a lag can play GTA V at average.
  7. I really wish they release it for next gen and pc some months after they release it for Xbox and PS3!!! Maybe?
  8. Man, if this doesn't make it the greatest game of 2013... I don't know what will?
  9. amazingdude


    Try running it in compatibility mode. If still there's an issue contact their official support --> http://support.rockstargames.com
  10. No information about the ps4 version yet?
  11. Which version of DirectX are you running on? Try to install the game again and start the game before applying the downgrading patch. Quit your game and apply the patch and run the game again. Hope it helps.
  12. Is it your new installation? NOTE: if you have a brand new game installation (which means you didn't play game before using downloaded savegame), it is recommended to start the game, and exit right after the first mission starts. Do this before following the instructions above. This will create necessary files within the game save directory.
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