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Unhandled Exception when starting GTA3


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I just recently purchased GTA3 through Steam and every time I attempt to start it the program reduces resolution then freezes. When pressing the windows key I can see a window that says: Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 00630000. My computer specs are:

-Intel Core i3 2.93GHz Dual Core

-4Gb Ram

-Win7 Professional 64bit

-Nvidia GT 240

I have tried the following to fix it with no luck so far:

-Updated all drivers

-Run in compatibility mode

-Made sure the program is executed as an administrator

-Deleted all files and reinstalled

-Deleted ClientRegistry.blob from Steam folder

-Running Windows 7 Basic theme

-Running at 800x600 resolution

-Verifying game cache integrity and defragmentation through steam

-Moving files, starting the install through steam then replacing the files

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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