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Whenever I start Episodes, Ballad in particular, my PC system crashed, one BSOD error mentions a video RAM error, but my card has 1GB of vRam, though I was told it may physically have that much, but the design of a card can limit how much is actually used. I don't know if that's really true, it IS what I was told.

BoGT basically halted in gameplay and operation completely for me, using Dell's Optiplex GX620 with 3GB of DDR2 and a Pentium D, now I know people write off the P-D, but it's a dual core processor no matter what you say, they use the same Front Side Bus, sure, but I believe this is commonly the case, and it's 800Mhz. My laptop is 533Mhz versus 667Mhz, the higher operating bus for Core Duo

That can all hamper performance of a system

RAM speeds default to the lowest one in your system, this is always the case, and they don't always match the processor either, but that's fine in most regards

For me, I believe it's likely that I need a 400 watt Power Supply on the lowest end for modern gaming, and for the DELL's small case SFF, it's not available. I noted that GTA IV runs fine, and from what I'd been told, I think the first DLC runs better then the second.

Eitherway, I'd assume you need to give us more info to go on, but it's a tricky GTA to play on PC! haha

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