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GTA San Andreas download.

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I need Version 1 or 2 because everyone i get does not have sound or freezes at the mission lifes a beach I cannot use save games to get pass the mission so im just downloading a new one.. no TORRENTS PLEASE

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It is illegal to copy, download or torrent a GTA game without paying for it.

Whether you copy the DVD, download it from a torrent, get it from a website, or someone emails it to you. Those are all illegal.

Not only is it against the law, but it us unfair. Everyone else (who buys it) is paying for the game to be made. They are good games, and worth paying a bit of money for. It's only fair that you buy your copy - why should WE all pay for you to have the game?

Please do NOT ask for illegal downloads or torrents on this website.

You CAN buy and download the game from legitimate websites, it costs about $10. That is perfectly legal and I encourage you to get it.

Download the game here:

So buy the game from Steam or D2D

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