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Need help changing keys for cleo mod

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To cut a long story short, me and my mate have been playing san andreas alot over the past few years on consoles, the local 2 player. Anyways, few months ago i got a new pc since about 10 years.. I have installed my priest skin so i can play as the priest single player which in its own is awesome to me because I always played as the priest 2 player all these years, and iv also installed the 2 player mod for pc along with SAAC2 (san an advanced control) so we can play 2 player with 2 wireless 360 controllers.

I wanted to get things like zombie mod working 2 player, but I soon found out that i can't replace the script file because 2 player mod use's that. I've been using cleo mod's alot and came across this mod which i thought would be PERFECT for 2 player.


smoke, sit, drink, puke, and all you have to do is drop a file into the cleo folder. But here's my problem.. The person who made the mod bound the keys to like TAB+ Z,I,O,U,P. Those key's are not used on the keyboard for doing anything in-game, as such there is no way to activate one of the mods on my xbox controller, only way is with the keyboard.. And when i run SAAC2 and enter 2 player mode, this disable's my keyboard.

After doing alot of google'ing I found this


I followed the instructions very clearly, but I can still not get it to work on the controller! I did succesfully change smoke from U on the keyboard to F because F is bound to 'Enter/Exit'. But it only works when i press F on the keyboard, and not Y on my controller.. and i don't have to hold tab for it anymore either, just press F now but when i press Y which is for Enter/Exit on SAAC but still nothing?

Is anybody here good with sanny builder, who could maybe set it up for me, and post it on here for me to copy and paste? I did wanna do it myself but after trying and only being able to change the keys on the keyboard, im now tottally lost and desperately want to get this to work 2 player, if anyone could take a look at it for me and configure it to work on an xbox360 controller, that would make me one happy chappy.. Or if someone could point me in the right direction to doing it myself that would be great

So, is this community pretty active? Because San An is like the best game in the entire world and hope there are alot of like-minded people out there B-)

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