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  1. How is that contributing to this thread? Also VC and SA were the best GTA game's Imo
  2. One of my favorite mini game's I would love to see in this GTA, is the one from San An in one of the stadium's where you are on your sanchez and have all the crazy stunt's to complete. Also go kart racing which was also a mini game in san an.. Hell, just bring all the mini game's and activitie's back that they had in San An and I'll be happy
  3. fully fledged story mode co-op would be beast, and mini game's in multiplayer like golf, going to watch live stand up's with real life comedians ect... Saying that acctually, imagine how cool it would be if you could watch the in-game TV on multiplayer and have your bud sitting next to you in-game both watching the in-game tv on the in-game couch haha And an MP3 player or something for the player so I can listen to the radio on foot ^.^ Or they could have it so you can play music off your phone that you would get after a certain mission or something.. I'm also looking forward to being able to customize car's again and hydrolic's!!! woop woop
  4. Fuck max payne 3 Why lord, why couldn't they of just skipped MP3 and gone straight to GTAV!!!
  5. San Andreas had British in it.. Vice City had British.. Including the radio stations. In fact, even GTA IV has British in it.. Sure in GTA IV you hardly you see them, but they are there (and what about ricky gevis, eh? last time i checked.. He's British). So im pretty sure this one will have as well considering every past GTA game have had British. Bring back danny dyer, thats what I say Right well seeing as i made that post 3 years ago I can't be sure what I meant by it but I am sure I was referring to the playable character not NPC's. I am well aware that R* has included NPC's of various races and nationailities in their games. Right well I'm not the one who bumped the topic am I? so excuse me for not checking the date's! >.>
  6. And I..... will always looooveee yooooouuuu!!!!
  7. Wow, you put simpsons hit and run on the list but no Narc??!?!? Narc
  8. I'm hoping for a truley free roam experience.. Much like San An was! GTA IV went for a realistic approach and although it wasn't a bad game and I enjoyed it.. It just didn't have enough staying power. Since this GTA is going back to Los Santos I reckon it'll be good. It'll be better then IV anyway I can expect that much. Plus if the hydra is gonna be in V, just imagine how awesome it's gonna be. But at same time I'm trying to not get my expecations up TOO high, because no GTA will ever be as good as San An was.. Hopefully V will be as close an approximation to san an as possible
  9. What firewall you using? Make sure you haven't got any programs running preventing it from opening I couldn't get L4D2 open earlier just wouldn't load and it was because of my new firewall I'm using
  10. Yours looks fine My avatar is a squirrel >.> I picked it 'cus I like squirrel's and my name is squirrel boom boom
  11. I liked johnny better as a character but preffered gay tony's features like parachute's explosive sniper ect.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdPQp6Jcdk&feature=related
  13. Exactly. Plus you gotta think alot of game's dont come with demo's (not on steam anyway) and some people will pirate a game just to make sure it runs on their system ok.. Not saying this is always the case, but at the end of the day like you said these people still make a shit ton of cash, they are just being greedy.Look at the founder of mega video, he got 50 fuckin years inside! Land of the free eh? The fact that it would be classed as a non profitable modification, I dont think they would do jack.
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