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my trailer breakdown

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Voice is of white male, middle aged, probably over 40. Most likely a playable character. Most likely not only playable character in game.

opening scene: it's a definite YES to animals in the game. This could suggest possibly having an animal of your own, possibly using animals as weapons, possible customization of animal, possible animal shops, possibly the animal would need maintenance like feeding and walking. nothing is definite except for the fact that YES there are animals in the game. Deductively it probably also means there will be at least cats...

at 0:10: we see some pretty complicated character interaction and animation. NPCs look at each other and react in a more complex way than in iv. both NPC groups are jogging and right female jogger jogs backward while looking at another npc.

at 0:16 in the quick cut of the guy swinging there is a complicated map of the golf course with a red flag on it making me think that the course is most likely playable. The red flag looks like it is a separate art work that will have shifted in a different part of the course. Anyways, that sign makes me think its playable.

0:17: Derigible. Yes you can fly it. Yes you can crash into it. It probably explodes like crazy. Will be awesome to fly low over city. Probably a mission involving it flying over staples center. A play on the famous Goodyear blimp that always flies over Staples.

0:19: Guy on jet-ski is wearing a lifevest. I don't recall those existing before, perhaps the character puts it on when you get on the jet-ski, possible different interaction with water with it on.

0:20 scene with people posing for photo. 1, characters hold hands so at least it is certain that npcs have relationships with each other. THey have camping gear - possible continuation of what r introduced with Red Dead as in lots of things happening in wilderness, etc. People camping, mini missions and so forth. Most likely a little mini mission would be to snap a photo for some people... Meaning there is most likely a camera featured in the game. Camping gear indicated ;you might find people camping out in the woods. Expect the Woods to be very inhabited by people with many interesting things going on there, possible play on burning man, maybe big camps with trailers, most likely there are animals in these woods such as bears, etc...

0:24: retractable roof. You can now open and close the roof of a convertible car. Also when the guy gases the car the woman reacts and stops to look at that character, did they do that in gta iv? I don't remember... Girl wears detailed jewelry, perhaps we can buy jewelry now... Car has front of a porsche, back of an aston martin/ bmw m series. Guy shifts in seat, perhaps because of pressing the button to make the roof drop, perhaps due to interaction with girl. Also this is all in game footage, I'm certain the black male is a playable character, one of or the only one in the game.

0:28 due to camera angle most likely a cutscene. Note the huge cloud of dust the car kicks up. That's awesome! Guy talks about buying a big house. Another allude to property management. Also has something to do with the quest for money.

0:30 people working out in totally different ways as opposed to guys working out on beach. possible we can do these types of workouts without use of machines, etc...yoga? sounds unlikely but is possible... also there is a telescope, voyeur fun! I can't say wether it's just a prop or can be used. Possible as a weapon? DJ equipment downstairs, possible dj mini game? also remains from a party are obvious on the lower floor, possibly something party like happening in private homes in the game.

0:31 Highway 5 is a real highway in Cali and in LA. Highway numbers will be real then

0:33 Very complicated gym animations. We can most likely work out in a myriad of complex ways, possible we can fine tune our body much more precisely than in San Andreas.

0:37 scene obviously thrown in to show complicated hand gesture, symbolizing a discreet greeting. Makes sense as one guy is dressed much better than another. Perhaps doesn't want people to know they know each other. The guy in the sweater also walks to avoid the guy leaning on the building, could actually mean guy is trying to avoid him. hand gesture is a dismissal. Guy in white most likely dealing drugs. Narrator talks about kids - there is an obvious hint to family life within the game, maybe playing a big role, not unlikely that main playable character will have a family in the game. ALso we can see a blue car (bmw lookalike) pulling up to the curb. Looks like an animation from the beginning of cutscenes where your car pulls up to the location. Possible you have something to do with the dealer.

0:39 that mile high club building which we see several times obviously plays a big role in the game. IT does NOT exist in real life LA. So anything can happen to it. perhaps it goes through different stages of development?

0:41 I dont care what you say, that guy is NOT wearing an ear piece. Could be guy narrating. At least he is the only guy in trailer who fits the bill.

0:42 we see an agricultural plantation. That hasn't existed before in any rockstar game and could be a big part of this one. With different crops of different formations, people working those crops, big machines working those crops, owners, side missions to work the crops, crop dust the crops? Speaking of which we can fly a crop duster this time that sprays a chemical which makes people sick. That can lead to a whole lot of things, eliminating people with a deadly chemical put in canister? spraying smoke on a road causing accidents? Workers are all working slightly differently on the crop, yes they are all wearing different clothing. Good detail work. Baskets for picking fruit or whatnot? Plane also kicks up dust and leaves from flying low. Also look at all those birds flying out of bushes around the plane. Also different reactions of coughing from all the workers. Obviously r has gone over everyones heads regarding people animations and variations on the same movements from different people.

0:46 we can now wear gas masks. Meaning there will be gas we can use from now on of different kinds. Leading me to think that will also be used in the crop dusters. Guy has a silenced rifle. Cool new silenced assault rifle! Same guy as in the previous scene as you can tell by grey strands of hair. Again, most likely one of playable characters. Also if that IS the narrator: obviously he hasn't gone far from his "profession" and is doing criminal ops again...Also the scene is most likely at the grove in Los Angeles, a real location. I don't know the rules of the forum for links so if you want to check it out just google the grove LA in google images. People carried in back of van leads me to several ideas. you can probably carry "homies" in your van, or whoever is your crew. It also probably shows itself in illegal immigration in the game. With possible missions dealing with people smuggling across border, or into parts of the city.

0:49 bmw look alike. Driver is same middle aged white man as in previous scenes. Camera is of in game footage. This is a second playable character in my opinion.

0:51 cranes make an apperance. And not the first time. Obviously a lot of the game will have to do with the port of LA. Obviously we'll be able to do those crane things like in San Andreas, very likely other things as well. Crates, automobiles, boats, so many things/mini games could be thought of there. We see birds sweeping low. Obviously we can kill them now as in rdr.

0:51 ghetto scene. Check out how people are sitting in that open top wrangler. It's also most likely a car with a customizable roof you can put up or down. Also some of the cars in the background look like top end vehicles.

0:53 you can see the same jeep in different variations. Covered and uncovered. People sitting in car but not on seats but on the sides of it. Also we see the same sport car as was in the scene before where the guy gassed the vehicle and made the girl turn around. They all have same rims as the car in the first scene making me think that rims might not be customizable. (Please don't let it be so Rockstar!)

0:54 look at how super detailed that postal truck is! You can even make out the writing on the tire! Also here's an awesome thing I found from doing a little research. The number on the foreclosure sign? 555-0101. When googled it leads to this bit of trivia: "This phone number has been used to transfer security details to a terrorist bomb maker in Casino Royale film."

0:57 that car looks like the audi rs8 convertible. Exactly. Are you guys noticing how many lux cars are in this trailer? I have a feeling there will be a lot more high end cars in this game than before. Also the car jumps up after going down a bridge onto a flat road. Interesting car reaction...

0:58: building on left: westin bonaventure. That is an awesome building with a circular bike track suspended many stories in the air and a rotating lounge on the top floor.

1:03 look at the plane trails in the sky. Definitely new. Check out the glow of moving car lights in the background. You can see even vehicles very very far away!

1:04 this is same car as in scenes before with guy lowering roof and following ghetto scene BUT it has different colored rims. The first scenes where black and these are white.

1:06 scene is from a cutscene. The black male might not be a playable character. All 3 policemen move differently! Black male moves similarly to policeman in middle.

1:10 plane starts making trail only after you hear the sound of the engines.

Houzer says that the game will focus on pursuit of money? I believe it will features several npcs in different stages of life and financial stability and wealth. The older white male is probably one that starts of richer than other playable characters as he says he bought a big house and wants to start a family. Also I bet none of the characters or npcs move the same or make the same gestures. A much more complicated system that was introduced in LA Noire of motion detection. Didn't someone say that they will use whole body scans now? So potentially EVERYONE will move and act and their faces will move differently!

Correction on some previous statements, if you really listen to what the narrator is saying and see whats going on as he's saying it it becomes crystal clear the narrator is the man who we see from behind turning around, and he is the guy who is dressed in red with an assault rifle. "I thought I would be a good guy... but well, you know how it is..." at this point we see him with the gun near the van.

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