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  1. So guys, out of all the multiple missions in GTA Chinatown Wars, what are your favourite missions?
  2. As we all know, GTA Chinatown wars can be played on four different platforms: Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation Portable, Apple iPhone/iPod touch and the Apple iPad. So guys, which platform do you prefer to play GTA Chinatown Wars on?
  3. MrLanceVanceDance

    What is your favourite car manufacturer

    So guys, out of every single currently active car manufaturing company, which ones do you like?
  4. MrLanceVanceDance

    What is your favourite type of game to play?

    So guys, what is your favourite type of game to play? (eg. First Person Shooter, Third person Shooter, Racing, Adventure etc.)
  5. MrLanceVanceDance

    GTA Classics or GTA Advance

    So guys, on your opinions, which top down GTA games do you prefer to play? The Classic GTA Games (GTA 1 and GTA 2) or GTA Advance?
  6. So guys, what is your favourite gang in GTA III? Mine would be the Leone Family, as they are powerful and they have a cool outfit.
  7. So guys, out of these three Multiplayer mods, which one do you think is the best?
  8. So guys, out of the multiple multorcycles in The Lost and Damned, which ones are your favourites?
  9. MrLanceVanceDance

    How much do you like GTA?

    So guys, how much do you like GTA?
  10. So guys, out of the three cities in GTA San Andreas, which one is your favourite?
  11. MrLanceVanceDance

    What is your favourite GTA city?

    So guys, out of all the six cities that has appeared in the Grand Theft Auto series so far, which one is your favourite?
  12. So guys, out of the multiple computer manufacturers, which one is your favourite?
  13. So guys, who do you think is the better film director? James Cameron or Steven Spielberg?
  14. So guys, out of all the GTA IV locations, which location in GTA IV is your favourite?
  15. MrLanceVanceDance

    What is your favourite GTA Clone?

    I know some people consider them to be copycats of GTA , but guys, what is your favourite GTA Clone?
  16. This is how to obtain the Andromada from the mission Stowaway: Before starting this mission, it is reccommended to date Katie Zhan, as you will keep your weapons and get out of hospital for free if you date her. She can initially be found at the northeast corner of Avispa Country Club at the south end of the city, practicing martial arts behind some bushes. She can be seen easily from the road. Katie likes men with sex appeal and muscle, so bulk up before asking her out. Get a Rhino and store it in the Verdant Meadows garage. Once that is done, get a minigun and start the mission. Wait for the mission cutscenes to finish (although you can skip them to save the wait). Once the cutscenes have finished, destroy the Andromada with the minigun. Then kill the secret agents, open the garage door, block it with the PCJ-600 (by parking it against the door), get into the Rhino and use it to push the Andromada into the garage. Once you have done so, waste yourself. You will fail the mission, and you will lose all of your weapons (unless you are dating Katie Zhan), however, if you are lucky, the Andromada will be stored in the garage and will be ready for you to pilot anytime.
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    You can only mod on PC. You can't mod on consoles. Also, it is impossible to transfer mods between different consoles.
  18. MrLanceVanceDance

    What I Learned From The GTA Series

    I learned that you will automatically get police attention if you run into a police officer, regardless of whether the offence was delibrate or not.
  19. MrLanceVanceDance

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing Angry Birds now.
  20. MrLanceVanceDance

    Modern warfare 3

    Modern Warfare 3 is a great first-person shooter. I reckon it is better than Battlefield 3. However, I still prefer to play GTA. There is more stuff to do, and you have the freedom to do almost anything you want.
  21. MrLanceVanceDance

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I think Rockstar intentionally made it that way to make Portland missions more harder, and to discourage you from going to Portland. Also, the mafia are armed with normal shotguns, not Spaz 12s. Spas 12s were introduced in GTA Vice City. And the Mafia are only hostile to you after the completion of "Sayonara Salvatore", not "Last Requests". In order to achieve 100% completion of GTA III, you complete the Portland missions before that mission, as it makes things easier.
  22. MrLanceVanceDance

    Problem with installing mods

    Can you please be more specific? Unless you are specific with your question, we do not know what to help you with.
  23. MrLanceVanceDance

    GTA5 with Bait cars

    I don't think that is how it works.
  24. MrLanceVanceDance

    The ammounation icon and pay n spray icon is gone

    Uninstall the game and delete all remaining game files. Then completely reinstall it. Everything should be back to normal.
  25. MrLanceVanceDance

    GTA5 with Bait cars

    I totally agree.