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LCSP: Liberty City State Police


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The Liberty City State Police is a clan for xbox 360 and are on GTA IV. Below although there is a lot, please read through as I am sure you will find something to you of interest if you find Law Enforcement Roleplay interesting.


The LCSP is a professional and realistic roleplaying group that can be described as the most realistic police simulation clans ever known. Made on the 25th of June 2011 the LCSP hopes to reach it's goal of at least 30 - 35 members eventually. We go by actual Ten codes used by police with some of our members being in Law Enforcement or ex-Law Enforcement.

We operate on the xbox 360 and use Team Deathmatch modes to host our events in. One side will volunteer to be the crooks, the other being the cops. Crooks will create realistic and fun scenarios during the event, which cops have to respond to and handle the situation. The scenarios could be a 911 call of a lost child in middle park all the way to a barricaded suspect who could be on drugs. for these scenarios we utilise a vareity of different divisions. These divisions handle different situations in their own trained way, SRT being the Troopers trained to go into barricaded buildings and make the building safe again, or SIU, the ones trained to negotiate the suspect out of the building so SRT doesn't have to even go in. Aviaition will assist in pursuits all the way to trying to find that missing child in the park using the pilots trained eye. Regardless we have divisions that will match every joining members interest or skill to perform flawlessly.

LCSP is dedicated to making patrolling fun for all sides of the patrol. We use professional radio tactics, flawless driving skills, and pristine shooting skills as well most of all our respect for each other to make sure that everyone has a good time. We use Ten Codes, for our radio communications meaning that no one will be shouting over someone else trying to get a message through to the dispatcher.

Also it isn't all patrols either, we have other events where members can earn rewards from either shooting tests and training events and competitions between other squads. We use genuine events such as Vehicle races, parachuting competitions and a whole lot more. We are more than just a police clan we are a community, whether you are looking for the ultimate experience in Law Enforcement or just simply want to part take in our competitions there is every possibility for that to.


Our main event we host are patrols. We choose a select island as the area of operations and then select patrol zones for Troopers to patrol in. We also host other Modes such a life modes, zombie modes, TDMs, Races, etc.


Patrol Division:

When you apply for the LCSP in general you apply for the Patrol Division. Throughout your whole time in the LCSP you will be a part of the Patrol Division. You're member group will be changed on our forums to being a Trooper Second or First Class. It will either be those ranks or any other high ranks that you may have earned throughout your time as an Trooper First Class.

Air Support Unit:

The Air Support Unit or ASU are the pilots of the State Police. They have the strenuous task of flying the Maverick in tight spots between buildings in Star Junction or where ever else they may be called to. The LC Geography skills of a pilot are expected to be of high quality. They are required to do tasks that fall outside the roles of a regular State Trooper like Dropping Strategic Response Operators on building rooftops to Locating a missing person, or assisting in a high risk vehicle pursuit.

Special Investigations Unit:

The Special Investigations Unit or SIU for short, are the unmarked detectives of LCSP. They are involved in situations which aren't usually within the skill set of a regular State Trooper. These situations include Hostage negotiation, Suicide Negotiation, Bait Car Stings, Arms Stings, Drugs Sting and the list goes on. The SIU Agent will patrol in a civillian or Unmarked vehicle during the patrol.

Dispatch and Communications Department:

The role of the dispatcher although not expected can be the most stressful role to do in the LCSP. In patrols it is the dispatchers job to make sure that Radio Communication between Troopers in the patrol are ok and they do occasional role calls to make sure all troopers are ok and are within their patrol zone.

During a code 3 situation they are responsible for issuing "Emergency Comms" which is basic short talk in LCSP so that the only Troopers Talking are the SIU agent and SRT Operators. Regular Patrol Troopers are assigned to a roadblock and stay quiet for SIU and SRT to coordinate.

As well as this many dispatchers use a PC to keep a record of a crooks background in the patrol. the log is then archived in a private section of the Dispatch Archives.

Traffic Enforcement Unit:

The Traffic Enforcement Unit or TEU was set up for patrols in the Ballad of Gay Tony. Traffic enforcement Troopers will use either the Police Stinger or the Police Motorcycle during the patrol. They specialise in keeping LCs roads safe and making sure that everyone is obeying the road laws, they are also called in for situations where a high powered vehicle is evading where the regular Police Cruisers cannot keep up, or if SRT need a quick entry into a certain location TEU is good for all your road safety needs.

Strategic Response Team:

The Strategic Response Team or SRT for short are the Troopers who will be there for anyone including fellow Troopers if heavy firepower is needed. SRT Operators arm themselves with the Glock17, 870 remington Shotgun, MP5, M4, P90, M249 SAW. Certain SRT Operators are selected to undergo Sniper School and Flashbang operator courses to give a tactical advantage. They are responsible for resolving a situation anyway they can because when all else fails, they don't.

Command Chain:

From top to bottom the command chain goes as follows:

Director - Clan Leader

Deputy Director - Clan Co-Leader

Captain - Forums Staff

Lieutenant - Forums Staff

Trooper Sergeant First Class - Veteran state Trooper

Trooper Sergeant - Experienced State Trooper

Trooper Corporal - Advanced State Trooper

Trooper First Class - Regular State Trooper

Trooper Second Class - Cadet

The Future of The State Police:

You may be thinking "Why the hell are these guys trying to recruit people for GTA IV, GTA V is coming out soon. What the hell?" Well if you haven;t answered it yourself, LCSP will be moving on from GTA IV to GTA V going from the Liberty City State Police to the Los Santos Department of Public Safety. We will still operate on GTA IV as well as GTA V when it comes out, so if you're thinking ahead about looking for a GTA V Police Roleplay Clan. then maybe you should take a look at us.

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the forum Link at the top, here it is again: LCSP: Liberty City State Police

Well I have rambled on enough for you guys, if you're interested please register on our forums, if you have an xbox 360 and have LIVE, please register your username using your XBL Gamertag. Once you have validated your account after registering you will gain access to a new section where you may fill out an application to join.

Thanks for reading this far guys, and if you ever have any questions we have an FAQ section at the Information Desk on the forums, or contact me on MSN at: [email protected] or on Skype at: shield0251 or additionally on XBL at: Hawk0251.

Thanks guys and hope to see you real soon patrolling with us!

-LCSP Director Hawk0251

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Most people join a clan expecting it to be like this. Roughly 85% are not, and usually are yelling at each other over comms etc. Others are comprised of 8 year olds. We actually have experienced members who are actually in Law Enforcement or the military who know what they are doing. Feel free to browse our forums, Sgt_Mike, once you register hopefully you will see. I know that I am kind of saying "You'll have to take our word for it" but at the moment, I'm afraid that's all you can do. If you add me on MSN or Skype and I'll happily discuss LCSP with you there.

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