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Screenies Forthcoming

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Well, yesterday at noon, thereabouts I believe, Rockstar's updated Asked and Answered centered around GTA and Max Payne 3 topics, which is OK with me, for sure. MP3 is Max Payne, not the music codec, so you know when you see MP3 mentioned lately! haha

Ok, so let's start discussions on these first of "many" screenshots from Grand Theft Auto Five

It's been going for about 12 hours now, and I'm a bit shocked to see GTAP slacking. However, just to aid those looking for the pics, I put them on Photobucket, and any new ones I'll do the same, in case they opt to move links around, it will be easier access for most.

I feel the map and explanations for Asked and Answered show that a lot of logical thinking about what we perceive is accurate, and key to that is any leaks, they disbunk them and offer that Rockstar just will not comment on whether a leak is true or not, because there are too many, but that there's no idea of what a GAME BUILD is, this I question most, I think GTA IV did evolve in game builds as were reported and shown to the press to review in magazine format. Behind closed doors hands on mission samples. It's likely the game making process is changing as such though, and that they won't be doing that with the larger games, GTA in particular is the largest yet!

Link to my PB upload, the other was attached from my local DL




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