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Just Gotta Hold your Horses

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Theory thread on why Rockstar are so stingy with info on this masterwork of gaming, Grand Theft Auto


In the recent Asked and Answered, basically we'd been hearing the same confirmation (based on earlier findings) that Rockstar's admitted idea THIS time around is to make sure the game is not subject to change before showing, but the first thing they DID show is a trailer over a minute long. Plenty of assumptions have been made since that fateful showing. So, two new screenshots and what do you think is prompting further information from being exposed? I had assumed like many, it was mere weeks away from a succession of info, but so far, not really any further excitement. I'm pleased there are new images, but I am not going crazy .....yet

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Don't know why an edit isn't available for later appending, but someone found this and posted it as a possible GTA V "leak", but then again, no one really knows if it's not to steer people to the site, just as an advert of sorts


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