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huge problem with the game


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So i recently install windows xp sp3 on my toshiba laptop and when i try to play Sa-mp or SP ,the textures of the game flash flicker my weapon cross hair dissapears , i didn't have the problem on win 7 or on vista when i bought the laptop (years ago)

Ive tried many thinks like changing 3d settings tried all options ingame ,memfix reinstalling san andreas couple of times in different places(which for some reason takes ages)

short ex:im on the sf airport and the road texture changes and its like covering my view for couple of seconds then dissapears , aiming with any gun , crosshair dissapears , its not because of mods because i have the game unmodded.

laptop specs :

CPU-Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz

CPU Speed-2.0 GHz Performance Rated at: 3.00 GHz

Graphic Card-intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Pixel Shader version-4.0

Vertex Shader version -4.0

Dedicated Video RAM -1.0 GB

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Hey ! Windows Xp Sp3 had been considered unstable because of its incpablity to handle big bugs. And What Was the default OS installed on your laptop? If it was xp Sp2, then the sp3 may have compatiblity issues with the drivers and config. I suggest you to change your OS to vista or 7.

That problem was also faced by my friend, He Got a new pc.

good luck

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Service pack 2 and 3 are intended as HOTFIX roll-ups, or security patches, not really the same as patches done specific for consoles or portables like the PSP firmware updates, it shouldn't really impact gaming or using software that's not reliant on security of the OS, Major software additions for Service Packs include new IE updates or Windows Media Player. It's hard to say one thing or another is really a culprit, but removing SPs can mean a lot more sketchy OS, since all improvements to secure and fix vulnerable holes in it are left off, of course.

I'm not really hearing XP SP3 being an issue, but take note that Service Pack 2 should be run with Windows Vista, it's run really well since those patches from all I've heard

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