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Got Vice City


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Sup guys, I just downloaded GTA Vice City and it works fine on my crappy laptop .

I have downloaded GTA San Andreas but its kinda laggy so I will stay at Vice City.

I have installed some mods at my Vice City but it always crashes , I have used

it properly on what the "read me" Text file in there .

Any proper , working , cool or any other awesome mods , cars , or any custom

things on GTA Vice City :)

Thanks in advance :)

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Even GTA III can be laggy on a laptop, or Integrated "EXTREME GRAPHICS" from Intel system. My early modular Latitude Dells allowed some minor upgrading with sister-board graphics cards, nVidia and mostly ATI Radeon variety. Same is still true these days, removable and replaceable graphics cards for laptops exist in MXM and other varieties... in Dell's example, proprietary.

If you're not sure on something you own, Google available specs and parts, via eBay for example, you can easily find what parts are there or not, or look at a motherboard for sale to see what chips reside soldered on the board itself, therefore coming down on the side of "Integrated", some of which ARE nVidia and ATI graphics GPUs, mostly they are other lesser known competitors if not Intel graphics chipsets

San Andreas is still the same era and generation as Vice and 3, but it demands better hardware, think 2005, Hyperthreading Intel Pentium 4, Core Duo or Pentium D dual core (do more), on the AMD side, a good Athlon XP may work, but in that era, mid 2000s, the AMD64 will aid these older PC games, in single core technology, found more prevalent at the time.


There lacks a good reference for the type of cards used in the Dell, I would say they were engineered expressly for the boards they adapted to

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