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Hybrid Flash and HDD, USB thumb storage

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Ok, I don't have a short clever title here, but most using USB thumbs with Windows Vista or newer already knows that it can be used to cache, built in fast memory on the fly built into Windows.

The debate for a faster gaming rig or computer in general leads into discussion of Solid State Drives as the natural successor of P-ATA mechanical drives. USB, or other means of flash can do essentially the same task, and Hybrids looked to mate flash RAM with traditional HDD tech...


Windows has it's own built in Hardware drivers noting any flash drive be used to boost system speed, combine with affordable USB, and new to MicroCenter, USB 3.0 generic drives for a pretty good price, as most know if you opt for 32GB or 64GB maximum at the moment, you pay somewhat more, but it allows a substitute to system RAM in desktop or laptop computing, and think about this... It's recommended from Microsoft that when choosing this option via thumb drive versus an internal one, go with twice as much system RAM as you have installed on your machine, that as a rule of thumb, anything larger should be noticeable and aid all your 'live' computing.

The only prerequisites are USB ports, the drives, and MS' OS for Vista, 7, or Win8!

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