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I like Vice City Stories, and here's why!


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I posted this on another forum.

Hello folks, I'm new here. I'd like to discuss why I love Vice City Stories.

1. City

The atmosphere of Vice City Stories is an improvement to the nostalgic Vice City, which had unrealistic water affects and an over done brightness level. Vice City Stories dubs the brightness down to a reasonable level, making an effective hybrid of the grimey Liberty mixed with the neon Vice City. In Vice City Stories, the complexity of the areas really shows. Instead of those hoodlum Haitians, we have an active Trailer Park, bringing another experience to help you adjust to the new Vice City.

2. Vic Vance

Is an utter hypocrite, however that's what makes him human. In past GTA's, you'd be this over the top badass with more balls then brains, but for the III era Vic is quite developed as a character. His family plays a rather large role in both Vice City and Vice City Stories, subsequently elevating the Vance Family to legendary GTA status. He is troubled with going beyond his means to help his family, but the outrageously funny Martinez asks him to hide narcotics for a sum of money to help his family. He adjusts to the crime ways, but it seems he's uncomfortable with it, even though he's a mass murderer, he seemingly can't adjust well. His inner morality is questioned by the lust for money, and that's why even after killing a ton of gangsters, Vic doesn't even want to touch cocaine.

3. Gameplay features

Swimming is the best thing ever, seriously. Swimming in the beautiful water really makes going to the beach a more worthwhile experience. The jetski is awesome too. The best feature, by far, is the Empires! Fighting and upgrading business' makes running the city immersive! It's a pain to take care of, as it should be! It is the underworld, after all.

In the end? I love GTA VCS, my first ever GTA and I'm happy to say I'm still playing it.

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