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  1. I haven't been here in a while

    Good to see you guys are still here, even though I never joined in the prime of this site.
  2. Uncharted set for 2016

    I feel like an idiot for not getting into the series. I played the first Uncharted and Golden Abyss for the PS Vita. Why I didn't buy the second and third I have no idea. Loved the first and Golden Abyss. Especially Golden Abyss, the game's a gem.
  3. This is what we work so hard for, huh?

  4. Which Internet Browser do you prefer?

    I use Waterfox at the moment, plus I use add-ons like NoScript and AdBlocker so I'm not being traced everywhere I go.
  5. What exactly happened?

    God I feel weird when I view this thread - it's like I blank out for a week and forget this place exists. It's nice to see you Trevor, and that would be great if you did that.
  6. What exactly happened?

    What's up guys?
  7. Rob Van Dam

    He's been phoning it in ever since he joined TNA. I don't know why. He had a nice match with Del Rio, but again, it was pretty much the same old shit.
  8. The Internet is Crappy

    It sucks man. The forum scene is dying, lol. I just hate Reddit's layout and tbh the community's a bit...meh. Forums bring people together. Twitter, Reddit, it feels like loud noise that you can't tell where it's coming from.
  9. What exactly happened?

    I'm sure people have better things to do than to say something to amuse you. Most have jobs, go to university, school/college/social life activities, etc. You took that a lot more seriously than I thought you would .Jesus.
  10. What exactly happened?

    Come on you little fuckers, amuse me. Say something. I know you're out there.
  11. What exactly happened?

    Yeah, yeah. That's good. Hope they see this thread.
  12. What exactly happened?

    Well shit look at me even I forget about this forum.
  13. Post your Snapmatics!

    Screw the mimes.
  14. Starting all over again....

    No it's not, well I heard a rumor circulating that Boris Voto-..something Russian, the guy who made ENB series, said the files are hard to access. That was proven false, apparently Boris (the enb dude) only said that because he was mad about his shaders not being compatible or some shit. To put it more eloquently: Boris was pissed about his ENB shit not working well or whatever. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who thought Rockstar hated him personally because his mods weren't working with GTA IV's patch People have already accessed the files, it's not Max Payne 3 bad.