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GTA3 San Andreas: How to Really Steal the Seasparrow

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GTA3 San Andreas: How to Really Steal the Seasparrow

1) At any point in GTA3 San Andreas, typically before moving on to the second city, you can steal the Seasparrow.

2) Grab the Jetmax north of Los Santos, I typically acquire 4 wanted stars in this process, get in and motor north.

3) The Seasparrow sits in the water off the dock, at absolute center and north of the map.

4) Fly the sparrow, even further north for just a short hop, then get out and float until your fourth star disappears.

5) Move quickly away once it does, fly low and fast to avoid the choppers, no missiles will come at three stars.

6) Fly the coast until you reach the shipyard, then, while in the chopper, grab the police bribe on top of the bridge.

7) Next I grab the second bribe in the flood basin, and wait out the third, at this point you're free to move about.

8) But, I prefer a self-spawning chopper, so I take it directly to my ghetto house in Verdant Bluffs.

9) With a Ranger, NRG-500 and tiny car Flash in the garage, I land from the southwest, in front of the driveway.

10) With the sparrow manually pushed tail toward the garage, I use the Ranger to gently push it all-the-way in.

11) Use the NRG-500 to block the garage door open while doing so, the Flash sits behind the sparrow to push it out later.

12) Viola, self-spawning helicopter, Grand Theft style! Oh, and I later replaced the push vehicle with Denise's Green Hustler.

13) And yes, that is a mini-gun on its nose. Happy Hunting.



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GTA 3 San Andreas?!? I'm having an identity crisis, to me they're separate games, though on that generation Renderware platform from Rockstar... I get confused with whatever mods there are to the game, and their respective names. I have the PC versions but the only modding from fans I got interested in was for GTA IV since it's the best one yet, and the ICEnhancer and real car models are just marvelous, have to admit

For me, in GTA 3, the Dodo is still one of the most challenging to fly, mods for that allowing a proper plane are what I favor the most. I am not sure what Rockstar's thinking was on gimping the one plane! haha

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More solutions:

Thanks for the Mulholland Solution. lil weasel, it appears to require one additional vehicle perhaps two, one to climb on up to the roof, and perhaps one to hold open the garage so you can even see the chopper. Did not confirm this though. Still genius move! I'll likely keep a second up there.

I tried Ganton garage as well, it was too tight a landing and once parked the garage never moofed the chopper. Same at Verdant garage as well.

My favorite remains, the The tow truck solution. to my under powered push vehicle problem.


Ultimate solution: What this game should have is a spawn spot, collect enough something's and you get one outdoor spot you can park anything you like on, for not just repair but auto spawning whatever last sat there at save game time.


And unrelated, I do catch a lot of flak for my usage of GTA3 with regard to SA and VC, rather than as you say LC, but to me, GTA San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City are top-down maps from GTA1, not entire games. And GTA3 clarifies this search confusion by listing its generation. Best to just ignore me, I ain't changing because there is no way to not know what I mean when I use it, but saying GTA San Andreas, has a way, if very remote.


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