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The Bossman

Ballad Of Gay Tony Montage (To Come)

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EDIT - I finished rendering the montage not long ago, and hope to upload it in a few hours

Firstly I'm glad to see the activity is beginning to pick up here in light of the new GTAV info and screenshots beginning to appear. This topic is to show off a BOGT montage I made over the last 3-4 days with 90% of my gameplay footage, and 10% trailer footage Rockstar released, I'm hoping to get people to watch it and enjoy it, it's the first GTA montage I've made, I recorded it all in game on PS3, and edited it in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 Platinum. I haven't finished rendering it yet, let alone uploaded it, but when I do I'll update this topic and post it here. I'm just kinda excited and wanted to mention it because we all love GTA here. I'm so happy with it, I'm a noob at editing but I think it looks good. I used the song Baba O'Riley by The Who, inspired by the famous 'It's Been Good' GTA SA video that has over 250,000 views on Youtube, when it should have a lot more than that really, you can see that here - NOT MY VIDEO BELOW, I WAS INSPIRED BY THIS VIDEO, MY VIDEO WILL BE UPLOADED IN A FEW DAYS:

Can't wait to share it when it's uploaded :)

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I've mentioned the editing issue a coupla times, because I don't want to incur any wrath for a perceived Double Post, it's not like I'm trying to be as poor a poster as I was starting out over at GTAF, they harped all over the place about things like that, and it became one of those RECORDS they hold against you so they can ban you later...bogus!!

Anyway, I've been playing the game, and it's one of my favorites because of the added color, simple things like that change the mood over that same GTA IV engine and map, which is nice.... The DLC I'd been discussing could play into a larger GTA this time around that allows for a similar complete package all at once, if they're going that route with the game. Just seems that it won't be out by anyone's earlier predictions, that it won't just release without more build up promotion, but that would be something, certainly a surprise, and unexpected coming from Rock*

I have to say, your title made me think Tony Montana and Scarface

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