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VH1 Classic old school

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Not an advertising thread, but I do want to talk about the issue with MTV and VH1 again

At the moment, DirecTV is giving a free unlock of their EXTRA tier of programming, they put VH1 in here because no one will pay additional funds to see MTV air Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, or MTV2 show endless Boy Meets World or Saved By the Bell

Although, you might think they would given the extended, nearly complete programming they air so much of, of such has-been shows or UNDERAGE programming as the above noted!

Anyway, as an FYI to what they were showing today with their 80s block of videos, I noted that in the Wall of Voodoo MEXICAN RADIO promo clip, their guitarist has a black and white Gibson flying V with chrome pickup covers that is a dead ringer for a guitar I owned, my only true V, a True Gibson that I sold for less then $300, but probably is worth $1000 or more in today's market. I would have kept that sucka!!

Just been talking about this as of late, I made the prominent text of my YouTube channel prompt people to Boycott MTV's ALL NON musical programming, however, it wasn't a serious effort to get a campaign going, but I've got repeat comments back telling me people feel the same and like to see me taking that stance. YouTube is the go-to place for those old gems of MTV past, but MTV alone does not define the musical promotional video history, they are a large part historically in that no TV channel did that before, and few do it presently. They also did the service of offering to large demographic basis on a basic cable outlet. That is no longer the case with this tier programming practice, and the fact VH1 Classic is the only REAL harbinger of MTV's golden age

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