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Part of urban community developments

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A Rural-Urban relationship Committee was set up in the mid-sixties to detail the planning of the Urban Community Development (UCD) projects and examine the role of the local government bodies in implementing them. The Committee reported that there was a lack of awareness among the common people that the municipalities were actually created to serve their needs.

It suggested a need for constant discussion and evaluation of the various local problems and needs so as to help the people to realize and articulate their felt needs, to motivate change and encourage people to exercise their own initiative in planning and carrying out improvement projects. Based on these recommendations, the UCD programme was initiated by the Government of India.

The city of Cochin where this programme was implemented met with great success as compared to many other conventional programmes. This could largely be attributed to the recognition of the implications of mobilizing women for participating in community activities and for organizing income-generating activities as well as devising appropriate strategies for their implementation.

More than 160 community development activities, which include child welfare, youth welfare, housing, and other activities were involved in the UCD programme to promote the concept of participatory community development. The objectives of cooperative housing have been achieved in a different way in this UCD programme.

In Cochin Real Estate developments got a thrust much earlier due to the innovative urban development programmes implemented in this most happening destination in Kerala. No other city in Kerala had this unique privilege. Over and above the government programmes, the inflow of investment funds from overseas destinations was such that property prices never went down below a particular level.

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As I read this I'm watching the CNN Jobs report that just came out, in that discussion is the home building market. I built homes for a living, that ended in 2007, coinciding with the recession, the home building market is coming back this year, but my company isn't. Just to inform additionally, in the USA anyway, jobs will drive part of the upcoming election, bank on it. They've said 600,000 of the new jobs are only part time and or seasonal, that doesn't really solve much at all!

BTW, your hyperlink is not coinciding the the hit-on text, clickers beware, I'd mark this up as spam, but I'm a real person making a real post, bank on it! Not spam coming from me, ever! haha

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