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Gaming Press HeadsUp Thread

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We don't really have a thread for 'all things considered', in the Gaming press (ie.) Publication department.....

In other words, all articles or notable magazine features on GTA5 could be noted here in one thread so no one misses a beat. So far, the notable headlines on magazine covers elude to more then meets the eye....

In capturing the here and now... GAMES TM magazine features a GTA 5 article out on news-stands at this time that claims of some breaking news, yet, inside it's only real new to online game fans section is offering up the theory or rumor that the RAGE engine is being extensively re-written and that there's some technical foibles in the way with making GTA 5 run as expected. I noted earlier that the evolution with RAGE and Euphoria has already proven itself with Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption, However, the delays that included GTA IV were because of the engine, one could argue. It's also subject to debate over the RAGE engine being a contributing factor to no PC version of RDR ...just yet.

Games TM's major article contribution is putting forth the first two screen shots for discussion, they must have gone to press before the additional shots we've seen already, however, they kinda hit the nail on the head about the ongoing LACK of info and fans like us feeling shut out. Trying to start a new GTA forum as we did (GTAC, in regard to me and PCguytech) After GTA IV, proves much harder with an actual drought on further GTA info.

The PS magazine PLAY I was unable to report on due to it being sold in a sealed bag, but they claim breaking news about Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 as well as Grand Theft Auto Five!!

I'd love to see what that is, but I couldn't afford a 10 dollar magazine, but would probably splurge when two great games are featured, it's just unknown to what extent

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