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GTA3Freak's RIP anniversary?

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Though this is not about TGTAP, but GTAForums, since I'm a member in exile and some of you are former members there or still are, you probably ran into or got to know GTA3Freak2001, he helped man the site and was about friendly to everyone that I know of, a staff member who had suffered in life with medical issues and passed away while awaiting GTA V news, and or the game to actually release, it's with heavy heart that the GTA news comes and we/I think about how he will never get the joys of playing it first hand.

Before I heard there was a 1 year anniversary since his passing, I had thought about him, since we don't normally know too many people who've braved the GTA forums here and have passed away at such a young age, and because we obsess together to some degree about the Open World promise GTA brings to the gamers.

He will be missed, and it's good to see the continued show of support, few have forgotten who remember him well


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