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Thrash Metal (Re-Revisited


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I think it's time to reboot the metal genres threads, it's been a long while where music loving on the GTA forums have taken a back seat, for me, and I agree with Rockstar about the use of known, famous actors for their initial 3D GTA games, that because of the limited tech effecting what they could do, using real songs and actors famously known on TV or cinema screens helped add life and excitement to the games as a whole, I was really happy to see the licensing choices Rockstar did for The Lost and the Damned, they covered a nice swath of death metal bands and some with Thrash tendencies on the LC Hard Core channel, it was devised with Max Cavelera of Sepultura hosting giving a node to the previous GTA LCHC as if the shows were only separated by mere time slots

I expect we'll see new stations covering familiar popular genres, but of course, Metal in the extreme end of the musical spectrum is not found on commercial radio, I think it has it's place in GTA!!

I was just picking up an old recording with POSSESSED from their Eyes of Horror EP and literally blown away all over again at how fast and furious the musicianship is, it'd be a challenge to any modern day artist with acclaim to try and cover that material, yet it seems slipped back into the past, unceremoniously


A bit distorted, but the band Possessed is one of the earliest in the genre with acclaim, an interesting history and were in school still when they formed and started a serious career (in evil)

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