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Help with starting another player (I do not like flying!)

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Hi all,

Some time ago I started to enjoy all versions of GTA (III, Vice City, San Andreas ...), and have never had trouble finish my games, but with the San Andreas took many months standing on the same mission, and no results.

Is the flight school, and do not know what's wrong, but I can not move from there.

I found here a save right after that mission ...


... but not charging. I saved the file in GTA San Andreas User Files in My Documents, but for some reason when I enter the game and select load that game, the game starts from the beginning, as if you started the game from the beginning.

Someone who can / wants to help? Thank you very much to all, and Happy New Year.

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I have the exact same problem :(
I've tried finding a save game just after flying school all over the internet but it always just starts at the beginning of a new game and not after flight school.
I'm from belgium and i think i have the dutch version of the game.

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