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I need help to change CJ Skin

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Hello, guys

Well, i downloaded a skin to cj, is the Deadpool. Then, in this have just 2 archives, like deadpool.dff and deadpool.txd.

So, i dont know what to replace to put this skin into game.

Please, help me to do this!


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Installing Mods

There are a number of ways you can install mods. The first is manually (using the dffs and txds), and another is using GGMM (GTA Garage Mod Manager) which is an quicker way to install mods

Manually Installing a car into San Andreas PC v1

This is the most common and popular type of modding, for one of the most popular games of all time.

The basic steps are as follows:

Download and extract the mod, replace the DFF and TXD into gta3.img (If backing up, rename the files you are replacing in gta3.img first, for example, from dumper.dff to dumper_old.dff), replace the lines in handling.cfg, carcols.dat, default.ide, vehicles.ide and carmods.dat (If such replacement files/lines are included in the mod), run the game and test the mod.


1. Extract the mod file(s) to a folder...

2. Open GTA3.IMG with IMG Tool 2, and find the file you want to replace. Rename it for backup.

3. Use the Command/Add option and add the file you extracted in Step 1 to gta3.img.

Instead, the file you'll be looking for in this case is player.IMG, not gta3.img.

Hope this helped, if you need any further info I'll be happy to lend a hand.

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I am modding CJ also; did everything like you said.  Now, PS2 says disk not recognized insert PS2 format disk.  Burned the mod onto DVD+R with Nero.  Got any suggestions?  Tried twice using new disks to no avail. 

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You'll need a chipped / modded console to read non -official disks. Unfortunately since this practice can lead to piracy in some cases we can't offer support much further than that. There are, however, many console modding forums out there which i recommend you turn to for your specific needs.

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