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The main thing I'm most excited about with GTA 5 is the fact it's the biggest yet, and the promise of plenty of transpo options as well.


However, the reality is not any change in what we've done before with Grand Theft Auto but the extent and effectiveness of dynamic user swapping of the roles for this game, THREE PROTAGONISTS is a major departure from previous games, and perhaps in Rockstar's grand plan, going to trump other competing games for a unique twist on game play in general, I know this might bode well for actual missions of action, but how about during other portions of the game? Can you see swapping characters being allowed throughout? My doubts lie there, I think from what we know, it's mainly suggesting swapping characters during a mission in which they are all present, or at least two on a task, where AI mainly controls the participating characters in GTA plotting


While we may know much more shortly, sound off on your ideas regarding this new GTA convention within this thread.

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