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Assasination attempt fail


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While I don't wish to make light of this in any way, it apparently was not a hoax, and relates in an indirrect way to GTA, with gun violence in the news weekly and GTA IV's fictional Eastern Europe character plotting connection, and that someone posted this on a GTA site, but missed the connection to the last game, amazes me!





Also pointing out as an aside, though I'm raised in the USA and don't know much about World politics, the Youtube comments section is not much help on getting informed on the facts, so I presented a more official source link then the video, untranslated.

Sofia, the location of which is where the 'Big 4' performed a reunion concert in HD.... that's for the founding fathers of Thrash metal in the USA.

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First off, what does thrash metal have anything to do with this?


I highly doubt the assailant was a GTA fan, so the similarities are purely coincidental.


There are some good online newspapers out there if you want to be more informed about world events.  Yes, they all have their own agenda they are pushing, as does every actor (political actor, not like a move star actor), but you have to learn to pick out the bias in any media.

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