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  1. Little_Chestnut

    Anniversary coming August 2015!

    Ouch, that made me realize how old the laptop I am using is. It is half the age of Windows 95. T.T
  2. Little_Chestnut

    X MEN Signature

    I really like the image you chose. If you at least made the text a little easier to read, and but the border on the sides as well, it would be great. 5 out of 10, but it has a lot of potential to be higher.
  3. Little_Chestnut

    Assasination attempt fail

    First off, what does thrash metal have anything to do with this? I highly doubt the assailant was a GTA fan, so the similarities are purely coincidental. There are some good online newspapers out there if you want to be more informed about world events. Yes, they all have their own agenda they are pushing, as does every actor (political actor, not like a move star actor), but you have to learn to pick out the bias in any media.
  4. Little_Chestnut


    In this country we bitch and moan no matter what the weather is. It is either too hot, too cold, too windy, too sunny, too overcast, too wet, too humid, or too dry. We are never happy with it.
  5. Little_Chestnut


    Really guys!? I hate the cold so much, temperatures in England are around freezing point at the moment and I fucking hate it, I would much rather be somewhere warm right now. The only time I ever want to be somewhere cold is the few days around Christmas, otherwise it just wouldn't feel like Christmas but other than that give me a tropical island any day of the week! I am not Christian, but there is still something awful about shopping in a sundress with Christmas music playing. They start playing it as early as possible too, so you are painfully reminded that you are not going to see a white Christmas. Snow is so pretty, I miss seeing it, I miss ice skating outside, I even miss salting my walkway.
  6. Little_Chestnut

    Grand theft auto is like my real life.

    ... This is why I normally refuse to tell people I am from New Jersey. Jersey Shore and people like this.
  7. Little_Chestnut

    Kentucky Fried Chicken fiasco

    I really cannot say I am upset about this, at all. Yes I will eat fast food from time to time, but I will not be upset if they were to disappear. The food is terrible for you, most of the time they are made by people with no regard for safety and sanitation. The employees usually don't care at all because they make minimum wage and have no pride in their work. I can go on and on about the horrors of the fast food industry, but I will keep this short. I would much rather cook at home than eat fast food. Perhaps if they all disappear more Americans will learn how to cook and not consume most of the calories they need in a day in one meal, and eat one or two more meals a day like it.
  8. Little_Chestnut


    I miss the cold. So much. It has not really gotten below the 60s here this year. Yesterday it was in the high 70s. There are very few redeeming factors about Southern USA. That is that people are nice and helpful. For the most part they are still dense rednecks. I want to go back north. With snow and fall and everything.
  9. Little_Chestnut

    Post pics of your car

    I was looking at a really nice Jetta at the same place I got my Beetle. Spaz wouldn't let me get it though. He said I was not allowed to have a nicer Jetta than him.
  10. Little_Chestnut

    Post pics of your car

    Oh, haha. That is a cat that likes to walk all over our cars right after we clean them. Little jerk.
  11. Little_Chestnut

    Post pics of your car

    So my Kia started falling apart on me. The power steering pump went, the windows do not roll down, the ac doesn't work, and a few other minor things. My mother decided to give me a car since I was doing so well in college. She gave me her old Ford Explorer. It was a nice car. She was visiting me a week after she gave it to me and asked if she could drive it. Well ... It got totaled on the highway. I had a few grand and decided to get myself a decent car. I found this little gem almost in my price range (my mother gave me an extra grand since she felt so bad about destroying the car she gave me). It is a 2001 Turbo Beetle, standard transmission. I don't have any photos of the inside, but it has matching yellow details in the car. I named her Trini after the original yellow power ranger.
  12. Little_Chestnut

    Uganda to pass "gay holocaust" bill

    This does not surprise me though. Being gay was already punishable by death in Uganda. Since acceptance of the LGBT community is becoming more widespread they are starting to feel cornered and are trying to take one last stand. It is wrong, but historically this is how things happen.
  13. Little_Chestnut

    GTA V Promo Materials Being Distributed to Retailers

    Those are so nifty!
  14. Little_Chestnut

    Post your mugshots v3!

    Well, I suppose it has been a while. Here is an updated photo of me. Sorry about the poor quality. .
  15. Little_Chestnut

    GTA V Spring 2013 Release Officially Announced

    I'm not complaining. I am a poor college student, I will actually be able to play it when it comes out this way. I am so excited!