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GTASA (Mac) ~ Assistance Required ?


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Dear The GTA Place,



Hello, i bought "GTA: Sa" on (12/05/2013) from the Mac App Store, for my Macbook. Anyway today i did something really silly, i know i did wrong, but im here to fix it. Heres what i did:


1) Right Clicked on the app and clicked on " Show Package Contents ".


2) Then i clicked on " Contents Folder - Resources Folder - transgaming Folder - c_drive folder - Program Files Folder - Rockstar Games Folder - GTA San Andreas Folder ".


3) I added a New MAP and new Car Mod, then i found out it stuffed up, i kept a backup of the original Files though.


so when i replaced the backup folder, i got this Issue. Please See Attacment Picture, why am i getting this issue and how can i fix it, please assist me. I think i only need a new " GTA San Andreas Folder ", but you guys are the Experts. What do you think ?




I also "Just" need the New Download of Files/ Folders, i dont need to RE-DOWLOAD the game.


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