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  1. Yeah, I miss the days when both our sites were rife with activity. Been trying to contact Neil lately to no avail either. If anything, people moving on to other games along with the negative impression gamers felt over Take-Two corporate's scummy business practices (e.g. microtransactions and loot boxes being implemented in GTAO and NBA 2K) have caused a decline in interest, not to mention that the Benz himself isn't pleased either as we all know. As far as spambots are concerned, I've used MyBB's built-in anti-spam feature along with the Purge Spammer plugin. Few if any are able to barge in and dump garbage into my site lol.
  2. I'm here, if that's what you're looking for. You still in touch with the others?
  3. Maybe it's just me and my affinity for those American Girl dolls, but I noticed that it seems as though R*, or at least one of the character artists/writers, took some inspiration off Molly McIntire from the AG series. Besides the name, brunette hair and of course wearing glasses, in the book A Spy on the Home Front McIntire encounters and befriends a family with the surname Schultz. Another possible allusion, as pointed out by a friend of mine on Facebook, was the town of Weston where Mr. Schultz works, well since we all know who GTAV!Molly works for, right?
  4. I'm sure some of you guys are familiar with her after I've been raving about the show some nine years ago when I first joined here. Now here she is in her stereotypically pink glory. Yeah I rigged her out of boredom, no thanks to a Temple Run clone featuring the character. As expected the game uses an off the shelf Unity engine, so it was of trivial matter for anyone with the right tools *cough* Xentax *cough*. I still have some to fix some issues though, most notably the seams and whatnot. What I'm thinking of is to rig the whole body as a unified mesh, and use very small cubes as placeholders for the legs.
  5. And that's besides actors who complained of not being paid well e.g. Michael Hollick and the like, besides the lead actor in VCS feeling disillusioned with the game's subject matter of crime and violence.
  6. Yeah and Llama apparently hasn't responded to my Facebook friend request. It's been a while since I talked to him, let alone Urbanoutlaw whom I viewed as sort of a father figure (besides my dad of course).
  7. Title says all, but this time it ain't from some low-rent clickbait site: http://www.polygon.com/2015/7/28/9055497/mafia-3-confirmed-more-details-on-aug-5
  8. It ain't indeed, most especially at the time of the PS3's first release. They invested so much into high-end tech at the time, i.e. an oddball PowerPC-based-but-still-an-arse architecture, a GPU based on the 7800GTX core, and of course BluRay thrown into the mix. Microsoft used conventional DVDs besides the ill-fated HD-DVD (via an external drive) on their 360, but it was at the cost of using more discs for complex games like L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 and of course GTA V. The multiple disc problem wasn't that much of an issue though, unlike the N64 before when developers are severely constrained with expensive cartridges, and making a two-cart game isn't entirely feasible at all. And yeah, both DVDA and SACD never seemed to have taken off unlike the legacy Red Book format dating from the early 80s. Americans basically snubbed VCD in favour of the higher-quality DVD format, and yet we're yet to see the higher-def audio disc formats being given a chance despite optical formats getting cheaper over time. I don't mind a 128kbps MP3 myself as my sense of hearing isn't as fine-tuned anyway, but anything clearer than what we're spoon-fed with would be a welcome change.
  9. Yeah, the PS3 was so expensive at the time that $599 became something of a joke to many gamers. I currently live in the Philippines atm, where cheaper media formats are the norm - as a matter of fact, VCDs are still being sold, mostly for budget-priced films and children's titles.
  10. It'll take time for it to take off though. Bluray's been out for like ten years and yet recording media for it's still at a premium. Not to mention that the cheapest "Blu-Ray" stuff you can find here in my place are those bootleg DVDs ripped off BD sources hence the faux moniker.
  11. I know this sounds a little awkward considering the subject matter (i.e. dolls), but I thought of sharing this mostly as some of you either have fond memories of the 50s or have played period games like Mafia II before: http://livingadollslife.blogspot.com/2015/05/news-beforever-maryellen-larkin.html As something of a history buff, I do hope that they wouldn't repeat the very same mistakes 2K did with Mafia II, like anachronism stews and their focus on the more stereotypical aspects of the 50s.
  12. I haven't posted much here either, most especially as there isn't much activity going on around here compared to GTAForums and the like. I'd definitely be overjoyed if at least some of the old guys here would make a comeback.
  13. Testing GTA V on my PC atm.

  14. You can opt-out of those notifcation emails, FYI.
  15. Don't feel so bad dude, you're not alone with that one, for one thing. I know of friends who have Aspergers or some other form of autism, so I do feel you in that regard. People tend to condescend and mock at those in the spectrum, and that's mostly because they don't know how it feels like, along with the fact that the mainstream media sometimes portray them in a rather unfavourable light, I'm afraid.
  16. That, along with reports from users who managed to run GTA V on lower-end hardware as well as high-end portable devices like the Surface Pro 2. As a matter of fact you can sort-of play the game on an overclocked G3258 along with the graphics that came with it, though of course you'd be better off with a more suitable video card than that.
  17. I heard stories about people getting V to run on even lower-spec hardware, e.g. low-clocked Core2Duos and entry-level Nvidia GPUs. Heh, I'm pretty sure a Surface Pro can at least boot the game. Not to encourage piracy or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised to see internet kiosks here loading their terminals up with an appropriated copy of the game.
  18. How time flies, and yet games are being churned out left and right for the platform.
  19. Some have actually given GTA V the derisive nickname of "Grand Theft Duke Nukem" or "Grand Theft Auto Forever" due to the protractive development time. And yes, the X in Xbox refers to the DirectX API, it's that they decided to just shorten it for marketing reasons.
  20. Yeah, it's been 20 years since the seminal Explorer GUI made its debut. Pretty much everyone else e.g. Linux UIs like KDE and Cinnamon used the Start menu and the minimise/maximise/close concept.
  21. This is partly the reason why I have a rather low opinion on politicos here in the Philippines. I don't play or care about the mod (or the Source Engine-powered sequel for that matter) myself, but this reeks more of a band-aid approach when it has more to do with parental complacency, and it can actually lead to a Streisand effect as well. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/413042/news/regions/dota-banned-in-internet-shops-in-cavite-village
  22. Minimum requirements look modest, though as always it can be deceiving.
  23. Introducing the newest version of the STUDIO smartphone family. STUDIO 5.0 II comes with an improved design and technology providing an incredible smartphone experience. And, here we are with yet another cellphone mod for GTA IV. Did this for a friend of mine who happened to buy a Studio 5.0 II for himself some time ago. It took me way longer than what I wanted to, though, no thanks to being busy with other projects and myself in a procrastinating mood most of the time. Also included in the archive are the 3DS Max 2012 source files used for the mod. SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: The GTA Place GTA Garage
  24. With due respect to blacks out there (well since I have friends myself who are black), but it just goes to show how what the bad apples in the bunch did accounts for why people look down upon African Americans as "hood-rats" and all those racial slurs to which I cannot mention. There's a bit of a point as to why the local police force is stepping up on curbing the protests and riots ensuing, but the juggernaut suits and military-grade kit does indeed sound overkill and draconian. I don't want to take sides or anything, but both sides have their own shortcomings if you think about it. The officer responsible should've known better and resorted to a less-than-lethal way to deal with the kid, and while I sympathise with Mr. Brown's relatives and friends, I don't think they're any better either, considering they were involved in not-so-savoury activities as well. Also, while I do know and agree they've been through racism and discrimination for centuries, I think some blacks use the race card for the wrong reasons. Imo Americans need to take a good, good look at themselves as to how they're losing their grip on real values and how they mire themselves into superficiality and so much hedonism. The same goes for how the embrace gun culture and how they treat them like mere playthings when it's obvious those things are meant to hurt and maim rather than as a tool for actual protection. And yes it does indeed remind me of San Andreas' final chapters. The GTA series in general is, from how I see it, is an allegory to the rampant corruption and hedonism modern society is mired in. For sure the games are crass and violent, but it's in part played for irony and social commentary.
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