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The Eagles treat ya in 2013

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Aside from a new tour under way at the close of 2013, and the new GTA coming out, at the very end of April, the DVD version of the documentary History of the Eagles released, but I only found and purchased mine in the past week. I'm very happy to report the BluRay is nearly worth the $40 USD asking price, loaded with vintage footage that does look like it's shot in HiDef, it's the best I've ever viewed of some of this stuff. The complete California 1977 concert with Hotel Cali also features in the package, though the included booklet is only a set of group photos documenting the Eagles throughout the years, it lacks substance there, but the story on disc is much like what Don Felder's previous book details. When he opted to release a book about life in the Eagles, he was taken to court again by the remaining band, Don Henley and Glenn Frey who were the stars of the Eagles where the animosity arose. You can see this dealt with most honestly in the documentary, though I think even today, things said and not said remain off camera, and there's still some bitterness, not so obvious to fans, but the record companies dealing with the band as well, who actually agreed to appear on camera to discuss the matters. This documentary is well worth your time and money!! It looks and sounds fantastic in HD!!




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